Hi! I want to get in touch with you! If you want to submit art see rules below before using this email. If you want to have an opportunity to guest write for me, send me your proposal at this address, please look at rules below:


  1. Only one picture per collection.
  2. DO NOT send me anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see, or, nothing you would want a six-year-old to see it.
  3. I understand age effects quality of drawing, but random scribbles that look nothing like the prompt, I cannot post. (If it is a child’s drawing, please specify age-range – e.g. 3-5 etc. I will not post this range or their age unless I am given permission.)
  4. Send me your art with this information:
  • A name or initial.
  • The Series Number
  • The Collection Number
  • *OPTIONAL* What medium (supplies) you used.

I reserve the right to refuse submissions. All art is attributed the creator an remains their intellectual property. If you have a Deviant Art account, you may send it to me as well. I reserve the right to not link to your Deviant account if I deem it unsuitable for my audience.

Guest Blogging Rules:

  1. All ideas for a post must somehow relate to literature or writing. If you think your topic doesn’t quite fit those genres, please ask!
  2. Please make all material in your post the same as you would in art, safe for a six-year-old.
  3. Please give me the following information in your email:
  • Your Name (Pen Name is Optional, or if it’s preferred, just include your pen name.)
  • A small portfolio of your work: a blog address or if you’re written all over the place and you don’t have a blog, send me a few links to those single articles.
  • If you want a picture at the end of a post, please say so.

I reserve all rights to refuse, amend post ideas, and edit posts, but all credit goes to the author, and links to their blog will be posted before and after the post. If you don’t have a blog, just send me links to your social media.

Thanks to Everyone Who Sends in Their Art!



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