Jess – Juliet Echo Sierra Sierra -NaPoMo 3 2017

Type, Click, Type, Click, Writing out of time. Friend’s there, with new hair, time to complete stage three. Lonelyness, Fear of loss, Makes her lose it all. Friend here, with new hair, Chained up to the wall. Silver sparkle through the air, Click of metal in the clink, Half a broken heart that once was…… Continue reading Jess – Juliet Echo Sierra Sierra -NaPoMo 3 2017

Spring is Here – NaPoMo 2 2017

Spring is Here! Spring is here be of good cheer, The winter has passed, things can grow at last.The buds of leaves adorn the trees. Daffodils flower in what seems like an hour.Soon the weather will be nice, Not dreary or cold as ice, Bees buzzing everywhere, taking pollen here and there…. Wait! Pollen? Achoo!…… Continue reading Spring is Here – NaPoMo 2 2017

Art Prompts Series 1 – Art Prompts are Re-Designed

Re-do of my Art Prompts! I’m keeping the prompt’s content, just changing their look, and making the organization less…confusing. So here’s how a series is made. Every Series will consist of three collections of art prompts. For instance, Series 1 will consist of: October, November, and December. Every series will alternate between month themed prompts,…… Continue reading Art Prompts Series 1 – Art Prompts are Re-Designed

Cloudy and Artful Announcement

This is a hard decision that I have to make, but I think it is the best I can make at this juncture. Until further notice, I am canceling my webcomic: Cloudy and Artful. I don’t know if any of you care about this decision which is one of the reasons I’m making it. I don’t…… Continue reading Cloudy and Artful Announcement

Phoenix Tears – NaPoMo 1 2017

Tears trace themselves across his face, His eyes, un-moving, stare into space. His heart feels dead inside him, His heart turns cold and dim. His heart that once flamed with passion, Now, is grim and ashen. His soul, though, still flames on, And brings in him a new dawn. A flame of rage ignites his…… Continue reading Phoenix Tears – NaPoMo 1 2017