Page 1 of my CommonPlace Book

So I’m going to share one page at a time of my common place book, every other Friday. So that would mean the next time, I post about my commonplace book would be on   Decemeber 23, 2016. Here we go! Beware you writers who write within; Be mindful of the stories you begin; For…… Continue reading Page 1 of my CommonPlace Book

Common Place Books – Why Should You Keep One?

A commonplace book is defined (according to Google) as: “a book into which notable extracts from other works are copied for personal use.” I use my commonplace book as a place to assemble quotes from people, books, and poems. Whenever I find something that strikes me as beautiful I write it down in my commonplace…… Continue reading Common Place Books – Why Should You Keep One?

Mary Poppins – A Book Review

Everyone knows of the Disney musical starring Julie Andrews. But have you ever read the book? You might be supprised to find out what the book is really like. Tidbit of information for people who only like the book and consider it better than the movie, I have  mixed feelings on this point. The book…… Continue reading Mary Poppins – A Book Review

How to Make Strong Characters – A Guest Post by the Artful Author

Hi, ya’ll! You’re in for a big treat. My best friend Artful Author, has written a guest post. ArtfulAuthor is an amazing, talented writer, a Nanowrimo winner, and fellow blogger. She has wonderful insight to making strong characters, and that is what this post is about. Enjoy! Someone once told me: “Premise is what makes…… Continue reading How to Make Strong Characters – A Guest Post by the Artful Author

The Piano that Loved Children – A Poem

There was once an upright piano, He was played by children, Who would play on stage, While parents listened. The others on stage, Grand pianos with grace, Who were played by professionals, They would laugh and say, Oh how the children pound, Making out out of tune. And making awful sounds, With their piddly songs,…… Continue reading The Piano that Loved Children – A Poem

Find Your Writing Spot

Where do you write? At a desk, in a chair, stretched out on your living room floor? Outside, on a swing, on the grass? Finding your ideal spot is important. Somewhere where you can focus and be comfortable. If you are not comfortable you will be unfocused. That i the general rule. At a desk.…… Continue reading Find Your Writing Spot

How I Overcome Writer’s Block

I, like everyone else, has had writer’s block. That accursed block in the way of writing a masterpiece, and gaining millions of dollars! We have always wanted to break writer’s block, so that it can never be built-in front of us. But why do we even get writer’s block? Is it writing is boring? You…… Continue reading How I Overcome Writer’s Block