Fan Fiction Wattpad Account

Wattpad FanFiction Account Click Here   Hailo everyone! If you would like to read more stories because I don’t post that many since August. I am in the process of editing Partners in Crime, you’ll get a new part soon. I’m still editing those short stories for the free ebook, but I’m almost done with…… Continue reading Fan Fiction Wattpad Account

The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder – A Review

One note before we jump in: I’ve been told that these reviews aren’t really reviews. Honestly, I have to agree. I’d personally label these as Book….Book Opinions. But I’ll let you decide. Would you call this a review? Or an opinion? One more thing. Tell me which books you want me to “review” in the comments…… Continue reading The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder – A Review

Coommonplace Book 15

The five senses are the ministers of the soul. – Leonardo Da Vinci Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of the whole universe [the brain] – Leonardo Da Vinci “But it is said: Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.…… Continue reading Coommonplace Book 15

NanoPrep – I’m so Scatter Brained about it I Forgot the Title

TIS OCTOBER THIS MEANS ONE THING: NANOWRIMO PREP! Everyone who writes knew this was coming. So I’m just gonna explain what my project is. So, take a deep breath. The title is a doozy. Stand in book cover. Yeah. Well. Make of it what you wish. Anyway. In order to keep my thoughts straight about…… Continue reading NanoPrep – I’m so Scatter Brained about it I Forgot the Title

Adverbs are Like Salt

I have taken at least two or three elementary level writing classes. In them we were told, “Use adverbs everywhere! I can’t get enough adverbs! ADVERBS ADVERBS ADVERBS. THEY’RE YOUR BEST FRIEND.” Since then they have peppered my writing in an annoying amount. And only recently I have curbed the instinc to use them everywhere.…… Continue reading Adverbs are Like Salt

20 Questions. 20 Answers.

  I’m sorry. I found a list of questions, liked ’em decided, “Hey, ya’ll have been patient, and I’m probably not going to post anything until I’m done reading Paradise Lost (when that happens I’m reviewing King Lear and Paradise Lost). Honestly. If I’m still alive when I finish Paradise Lost, I think a victory…… Continue reading 20 Questions. 20 Answers.

Commonplace Book 14

I don’t have anything against work. I just figure, why deprive somebody who really enjoys it? -Unknown Whoever said to be of good cheer for Christmas is here never tried to keep a poinsettia alive. -E.E. Smith Magical music never leaves the memory. -Thomas Beechorn Friendship is the only cement that will even hold the world…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 14