My Bed – A Poem

Whenever I’m upset or angry, I go to my special place and scream for only me to hear. I sleep my fears away. But in the darkest hour of the night, sleep fades and i cry my sorrows away. The place where children are protected, from monsters and shadows, with blankets smoothed with a mother’s…… Continue reading My Bed – A Poem

The Real Imagination – A Short Story

This is the second story I’ve written in the short story style. Constructive criticism appreciated! Also, give me your opinions on this: Should I develop this story into something bigger? Is this Novellette, Novella, or Novel material? And now I am pleased to present: The Real Imagination – A Short Story By: Wysteria Campion Cassey…… Continue reading The Real Imagination – A Short Story

The Blue Journal – A Flash Story

This short story is more of a flash. This is one of the first stories I’ve written in the short story (flash) style. Constructive criticism would be very much appreciated! I hope you enjoy . The Blue Journal – A Flash Story Wysteria Campion December 8 My entire life, I have never seen color, from…… Continue reading The Blue Journal – A Flash Story

The Scarlet Letter -A Book Review

Set in an early New England colony, the novel shows the terrible impact a single, passionate act has on the lives of three members of the community: the defiant Hester Prynnel the fiery, tortured Reverend Dimmesdale; and the obsessed, vengeful Chillingworth.(Blurb from the back of the book) Though I do not recommend this book to…… Continue reading The Scarlet Letter -A Book Review

Webcomic Launch!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! I am pleased to announce the debut of my webcomic! Cloudy and Artful Now may I present the characters! I will be posting webcomic strips every Monday. So the next comic will be posted on December 19, 2016. The first strip will be posted today you can find it…… Continue reading Webcomic Launch!